An Epic Photo Thread

The first picture on that thread put all the other images that follow it in context.

I have no words for the second image on that thread.

Take a few minutes to go through the images posted on that thread. If the pictures in the thread dont shake you, you will at least find them interesting.

I ran into a snake this morning

So I was out on my morning jog earlier today and I ran into a snake. Not being much of a snake expert, I had no way of knowing if the snake was poisonous and so I probably should have run away from it, but curiosity got the better of me and so I didn’t. The snake, however, had different plans and started to slither away as I was waiting for my iPhone camera app to load. I did manage to get a shot of the tail end as it was leaving.

Anyway, does anyone know what kind of snake that is? I live in west LA, so that should narrow the list down a bit. Based on my location and a little google-fu it looks like that snake is likely a pacific gopher snake, however that is just my guess.


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Moving from

It sure is going to be hard to reset all the places that currently point to but I guess I can fix them over time. In the short term, I’m going to import the content from there and setup 301 redirects.

SEO? We don’t need no stinkin SEO.


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Finally put up

So a little while back I finally acquired the and domains. I’ve been eyeing the domain for over a decade now, and I’ve seen it change hands a couple of times as well. As you can imagine I was pretty excited when I got it. :)

Fortunately I’ve been busy with my baby daughter, when I am not working. I have not had much time to put towards setting up this domain and configuring it. As the occasional blogger that I am, I really didn’t have the incentive. But tonight I finally got around to setting it up! was a compromise since I did not have the domain. Now that I do, I will start redirecting visitors to this site instead.


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One More Day to ZendCon 2010

I have to admit I am pretty excited to be going to ZendCon 2010 tomorrow. I have been digging more and more into PHP & WordPress development over the last several months, and I find PHP to be a powerful language with some deficiencies.  I wont go into the details of all the ways in which C# is better, (in my humble opinion of course) but I will say that although I found it easy to begin writing code in PHP right away, I can see how this language (and the entire hosting platform to be honest) is going to take time to master. The sheer variety of libraries, frameworks, toolkits and extensions is mind boggling. So many choices, so many tradeoffs, and the devil is always in the details.

One thing I love about open source projects such as PHP in general and WordPress in particular is the sense of a developer community. Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, I never felt it was quite the same within the .NET developer community. That is not to say that there aren’t some excellent open source .NET projects, but despite considering myself a .NET expert, I never found it tempting to get involved in any of them. On the other hand, despite considering myself to be a PHP newbie, I feel drawn into the PHP projects I look at. Perhaps it is just the honeymoon phase of getting to learn a new platform and new technology. Time will tell.

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