Full Term Contraction Timer

So a little over 3 years ago I decided to write a contraction timer for us to use when my wife went into labor.  There were some good ones out there, but each had something I didn’t like. Besides, I was interested in the iOS platform and decided, this would be a good exercise for me. I never thought it would essentially become the #1 and best rated contraction timing app on the iOS app store.

Well, I’ve been spending a few weekends on it over the last few months and it’s even better now. Several users have requested graphs, and while I never considered it a necessary feature I have finally added it to the App for those that want to use it.

Some Screenshots Below.

4inch TimerView

4inch GraphView










The other big feature is iPad support!

iPad TimerView


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An Epic Photo Thread

The first picture on that thread put all the other images that follow it in context.

I have no words for the second image on that thread.

Take a few minutes to go through the images posted on that thread. If the pictures in the thread dont shake you, you will at least find them interesting.

I ran into a snake this morning

So I was out on my morning jog earlier today and I ran into a snake. Not being much of a snake expert, I had no way of knowing if the snake was poisonous and so I probably should have run away from it, but curiosity got the better of me and so I didn’t. The snake, however, had different plans and started to slither away as I was waiting for my iPhone camera app to load. I did manage to get a shot of the tail end as it was leaving.

Anyway, does anyone know what kind of snake that is? I live in west LA, so that should narrow the list down a bit. Based on my location and a little google-fu it looks like that snake is likely a pacific gopher snake, however that is just my guess.


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Moving from Mustakes.com

It sure is going to be hard to reset all the places that currently point to mustakes.com but I guess I can fix them over time. In the short term, I’m going to import the content from there and setup 301 redirects.

SEO? We don’t need no stinkin SEO.


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Finally put up Mustansir.com

So a little while back I finally acquired the Mustansir.com and mustansir.net domains. I’ve been eyeing the mustansir.com domain for over a decade now, and I’ve seen it change hands a couple of times as well. As you can imagine I was pretty excited when I got it. :)

Fortunately I’ve been busy with my baby daughter, when I am not working. I have not had much time to put towards setting up this domain and configuring it. As the occasional blogger that I am, I really didn’t have the incentive. But tonight I finally got around to setting it up!
Mustakes.com was a compromise since I did not have the Mustansir.com domain. Now that I do, I will start redirecting visitors to this site instead.


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